Government Issue

from by Eric Boros



We are your rulers
You are our slave-bots
We are your leaders
You are our little droids
You will do everything that we tell you
Or else you'll die 'cause we are your saviours

We are your government
Go ahead resist us and you'll die

We've got a name for you, it's the mega-dead
You'll die for us 'cause that's what we said
You are expendable
Care nothing for your lives or for your families
All we care for is our money
Hide in our offices while you bleed
And we'll give you a number
When we need you, you'll come to your masters

We are your rulers
You are our slave-bots
You will do what we say in order to get paid
Do it for the money
You will die working in a factory
Can't you see, it's not a life worth living
Living for the government

But we do this everyday when we know that it's wrong


from Desolation Sound, released April 10, 2014
Wolf Edwards, originally performed by Contempt (1992)




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