Mirror Image

from by Eric Boros



I look at you and I have to laugh
You're not yourself, you're someone else
I think of you and I shake my head
Now you've just become what you once hated

Why don't you wake up, wake up and look around you
Before reality passes by and floats right past you
I used to like you, back when you were yourself
But now you're living your life trying to be someone else

You hate them for the clothes they wear
It's how you live, not how you dress
Your false front is fading fast
And just like them you can't confess

What you gonna do, what you gonna do when you get older
And your fake friendships start to die
The truth is kinda funny when you think about it
And your sorry past is hard to hide


from Desolation Sound, released April 10, 2014
Stefan Nevatie/Brad Marchant, originally performed by Ninth Hour (1993)




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